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MyStorage buildings are American made!

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Storage Building Specs

  • All Steel Construction
  • 8' x 12.5' = 100 sq. ft. floor space
  • 7'5" = interior height
  • 8' = exterior height
  • 6' x 6' all steel roll-up door with secure all weather seal at bottom of door
  • 3/4" premium plywood floor, fastened to 16 gauge center beams 16” on center
  • 16 gauge C-channel floor beams, 16" on center
  • 10 gauge C-channel center beam
  • 14 gauge C-channel side beams
  • 26 gauge metal siding and roof
  • Zinc oxide coated framing
  • Galvanized door threshold
  • Flush-mounted chateau locking system
  • 40 year silicone polyester paint


About our Steel Storage Buildings

These attractive all-steel storage buildings are built to last with welded framing consisting of 26- gauge structural steel beams, 26 gauge metal siding/ roof with a 40 year silicone polyester paint. The 6’ x 6’ roll-up steel door provides easy accessibility and security.

The 8’ x 12.5’, 100 sq. ft. portable storage building pictured is the only size and color we manufacture which helps keep manufacturing costs and pricing competitive and allows for safe and legal transportion on highways.

Take a short tour through our website to learn more about our portable storage buildings and see how you can get one delivered to you.

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